In order to provide our customers with complete service, we have included in our services portfolio all areas of modern technology in the following fields:

Expertise of KGJ units and accessories
on KGJ engine we can analyze the following (if technically possible):

- Control of compression pressures
- Control of combustion space - endoscope
- Waste control
- Oil and coolant leakage checks
- Check the engine storage
- Exhaust gas back pressure control
- Check valve knocks
- TD control
- Checking oil samples
- Oil analysis
- Checking the thermal rate of the exchanger
- Thermal insulation of heat exchangers - thermocouple
- Checking the condition of emergency coolers - clogging, temperature gradient

Biogas expertise and accessories
on the KGJ engine gas fuel we can do the following:
- biogas quality control - analyzer CH4, CO2, H2S, O2

Expertise of biogas plant (BS)
on the biogas station - fermentor, dofermentor we can do the following:
- visual inspection of fermenter and dofermentor

Expertise of Biogas Station Accessories (BS)
on biogas station - BS accessories we can do the following:
- Visual inspection of all BS functional units

Based on the measured measurements and the detected status, a final report is generated

This report attempts to give a coherent idea of the character and technical maturity of the subject under study

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